The ITM Library is committed to providing quality library and information services to support and enhance the training, research and creative work of the Institution.

The Library System comprises the Main Library building with all its various units/sections. Over the months, the collection of this library has continued to grow. The library acquires and organises academic information (textbooks, journals, newspapers etc), which are available both in print and electronic format. The Library has over 800 book volumes and 1,000,000 e-book and e-journal collections provided to the Library by EBSCOhost in all the disciplines offered in the Institute as well as other areas of human knowledge. The Library houses desktop computers for the e-library, several comfortable reading desks/spaces, a serial/periodical section, an open access shelf, a circulation section and the Librarian’s space.

At ITM, we believe that interactions among students, Schools and Staff in both informal and formal settings are the best drivers of personal and intellectual growth. Our strategic priorities therefore include:

  1. Collect and organize materials and facilitate access to them.
  2. Employ state–of–the art techniques and methods in information delivery.
  3. Educate readers to become skilled in locating information.
  4. Develop professionally competent and highly motivated staff.
  5. Play and active and innovative role in the development of the Institute.

The library is equipped with adequate modern books, better studying conditions, increased capacity and experienced staff, I encourage you to therefore visit and take full advantage of the services and resources we offer.

We consider patrons service everyones responsibility. Each of us has an attitude of “I can help you” which ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Below are some of the services we render:

  1. Reference / Research Services.
  2. Reprographic and Print Services.
  3. Formal and Informal Library Orientation.
  4. Other Information related services
Endurance Emumejakpor (CLN) Librarian, ITM

The Library is staffed by professionals dedicated to providing students and staff the attention and professional expertise needed to successfully fulfill any and all information needs. The Librarians seeks to create a learning environment conducive to the academic endeavors that students will encounter at the College while also helping students acquire the skills for a lifetime of learning.

The College Librarian and the Library Assistance works in Collaboration with the Associate Dean of the Institute to create an organization that is receptive to innovation, recognized for efficient management, and focused on continuous improvement in our services, resources, and facility.


We value your comments and recommendations.