Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is the sole elective student governing body on campus that makes provision for;

  1. expression of student views and interest
  2. making learning more fun and conducive
  3. promotion of academic freedom and responsibility,
  4. promotion of the welfare of the academics, cultural, and social aspects of the student’s lifestyle.

The Council is largely known with the acronym SRC and is made up of executive branch which guarantees the rights and responsibilities of all students. The council is a dedicated and organised strong student voice.

Executives of the SRC ensures that student’s interests are represented and no student right is trampled upon. The union has a constitution which all students abide to, and every student is being carried along and made to understand the importance & essence of their stay in ITM Ugep.

Students are either elected into power or appointed into different positions in the Institute. The Positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Socials, Director of Sports and Public Relations Officer.

It current executives are:

President:                              Mathias Enang Ejukwa

Vice President:                     Kingsley Okorie

Secretary:                               Terry Okwari

Treasurer:                              Benjamin Ibe

Sport Director:                      Nkanu Nkanu Okpa