ITM Health Centre


The school clinic is located at the administrative block of the institute and is equipped to function on immediate health needs and challenges. The main aim is to meet the basic health needs of staff and students as a First line of defence treatment.

The clinic is managed by goal oriented and purpose driven professional nurses with adequate knowledge and experience in multi-disciplinary nursing and quality assurance measures.

Medical interventions span from:

  1. First Aids
  2. Emergency care treatment for both Staff and Students.
  3. Management of minor injuries.
  4. Some medical health conditions.
  5. Referrals
  6. Counselling (psychological and emotional support)
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of students’ outcome, health related educational performance.
  8. Health presentations & seminars.

Health conditions which cannot be handled at the clinic by the nurse practitioners are quickly referred to Danex Hospital, Ugep for students and then Clearline HMO approved hospitals nationwide for staff. It is important to note that all staff and student are provided with health insurance policies.

With time and as the Institute grows, ITM Clinic will be fully equipped to function and operate as a Secondary healthcare Institution.