1Our goal is to develop a world-class entrepreneurial Polytechnic Institute, the first of its kind in Nigeria, thus, hopes to be:

  1. A leading technical education centre of excellence that will contribute to the scientific and technological development of Nigeria and beyond;
  2. A model institution that will create new values through the activities of in-school venture and total support of entrepreneurship;
  3. At the forefront position in Nigeria’s technical education to provide leadership and encourage innovations in TVET.

The overriding goal is to provide employment and higher level study for its graduates. The Institute aspires to be an ‘Entrepreneurial Polytechnic’ known for excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. It is committed to transforming students’ lives and producing graduates who make major contribution to business and society; graduates of the Institute will:

  1. Demonstrate command of a significant body of subject knowledge and expertise.
  2. Be highly skilled and qualified practitioners.
  3. Be able to recognise and demonstrate excellence.
  4. Display effective academic, research, information and digital literacy skills.
  5. Possess advanced written and verbal communication skills.
  6. Work autonomously and collaboratively.
  7. Be capable of logical, critical and creative thinking to solve a range of problems.
  8. Demonstrate enterprising behaviours, attributes and skills as well as an entrepreneurial mind set and capability.
  9. Be confident, resilient and adaptable.
  10. Have a global perspective.
  11. Act in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
  12. Be customer focused and be able to make a successful transition into employment, self -employment and/or further study.

In order to achieve this feat, the Institute has been provided with state of the art functioning infrastructures:

  1. High speed internet;
  2. Gate houses;
  3. Fully furnished serviced staff quarters;
  4. Functioning Guest house;
  5. Proposed Guest house (acquired);
  6. Proposed Medical centre;
  7. Acquired Staff club house;
  8. Social centre building;
  9. Administrative block;
  10. Core facility block;
  11. The iconic building;
  12. Male Hostel;
  13. Female hostel;
  14. 210,000 litres water tank;
  15. Various gee-pee overhead water tanks;
  16. Central TV satellite ports;
  17. Several wirelless access points;
  18. Central external telephone points;
  19. Water treatment plant;
  20. 500KVA generator;
  21. 200KVA generator;
  22. Public water supply;
  23. Four industrial boreholes;